Tour Details

Tour Name 3 Day Uluru Tour Basix
Days 3
Group Size: Max 23
Suitable For Backpackers & Adventure Travellers
Vehicle Bus
Accommodation Swags Under The Stars
Operator Code Shared with Adventure Tours

Tour Pricing

Price: $695 per person
Club Travelwild Price: $660* per person

Departure Information

You can join this tour in Alice Springs or Yulara, you must end the tour in Alice Springs, the finish time is normally around 6pm
Start in Alice Springs: 6.30am
Start in Yulara [Ayers Rock Resort]: 2.00pm

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Max Pitt
Max Pitt
The Uluṟu tour with heading bush is one of the most memorable moments I’ve ever had travelling around Australia. Sleeping under the stars each night and travelling across the beautiful, harsh terrain by day made me appreciate the country in a way I’ve never felt before. If you like hiking and want to see some of the most underrated gems the outback has to offer, I can’t recommend this tour highly enough!

The Best Budget Uluru Tour

Listen up, folks! Yeah, the Outback and all its jaw-dropping attractions might seem massive, but who says you need ages to see ’em all? This trip’s gonna prove that you can hit up the Outback’s biggest and baddest spots in no time at all!

First up, we’re diving headfirst into Uluru. Whether you wanna follow a guide or do your own thing, you’re gonna get up close and personal with this Aussie icon. Next on the agenda? We’re gonna navigate the rocky terrain of Kata Tjuta on the epic Valley of the Winds Walk. And trust me, it’s gonna blow your mind! And last but definitely not least, get ready to uncover some seriously cool lost cities and even a Garden of Eden on the Rim Walk through Kings Canyon.

Save money by choosing this Basix style tour, the only real difference is that you sleep in a swag under the stars rather than a flash tent. So yeah, get ready ’cause the Outback’s never been more within reach! Let’s do this!

Tour Inclusions

  • 3 Day, 2 Night Uluru Tour
  • 2 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, 2 Dinners
  • All National Park entry fees.
  • All Camping fees.
  • Small Bus
  • Professional Tour Guide
  • All camping gear except sleeping bags (bring your own or buy from us for $50).

Tour Exclusions

  • Sleeping Bags.

3 Day Rock Tour Notes

  • Prices quoted are AUD – (Australian Dollars).
  • This tour can start in Alice Springs or Yulara (Ayers Rock Resort), but it must end in Alice Springs.
  • Check out Uluru Tour Comparison Table for other start & end combinations.

3 Day Rock Tour Itinerary

  • Please Note: The following itinerary is to be used as a guide only, road conditions, changing weather over the seasonal period and multiple other factors require that the actual itinerary is structured for the best possible result. Our tour structure is flexible and is designed to change if required.

1. Uluru & Kata Tjuta

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Meet your guide in Alice Springs bight an early at 6.00am or at Yulara at 12noon.

If you really want to get to the heart and soul of Australia, Alice Springs is the place to be! Meet up with your tour guide and crew at the pick-up spot bright and early this morning, we’re about to dive headfirst into exploring the Red Centre. Once you lay eyes on Uluru, you’ll know you’re in for something special. This massive boulder emerging from the earth is like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

After we’ve soaked in all the Uluru vibes, it’s time to hit the road again for Kata Tjuta, just a quick drive away. Picture this – 36 different-sized domes popping up out of nowhere, giving Uluru a run for its money in the wow-factor department! We’ll get up close and personal with the landscape on an epic afternoon hike between the domes. And as the day winds down, we’ll snack on some goodies while we watch the sun work its magic, painting Uluru with all sorts of earthy hues.

And hey, the fun doesn’t stop there! Back at camp, we’ll chow down on some seriously delicious grub with the crew. And if we’re lucky and the weather’s on our side, we’ll kick back under the stars for the perfect end to an epic day. It’s gonna be one for the books, folks!




  • Uluru Sunset
  • Kata Tjuta
  • Valley of the Winds Hike
  • Accommodation: Swag Camping at exclusive camp
  • Meals: LD (Grab breakfast before pick up)
  • Driving Time: About 7 hours if departing Alice Spring, 2 hours if departing Yulara

2. Uluru

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Get ready to rise and shine, folks! We’re kicking things off bright and early this morning with a jaw-dropping Uluru sunrise. Seriously, picture this – the sun hits Uluru like a spotlight, turning it into a total beacon before it floods the whole landscape with light. It’s gonna be epic!

Our guide’s gonna lead us to one of the coolest spots around Uluru, where we’ll check out some Anangu rock art and dive into one of the creation stories of the site. And while the morning’s still fresh, you’ve got some free time to tackle the self-guided full base walk of Uluru. Trust me, you’ll wanna get up close and personal to take in all the textures and valleys that you just can’t see from far away.

Once we’ve refueled with some lunch, why not snag some art at the Cultural Centre? It’s all hand-crafted by local First Nation Peoples of the Western and Central Deserts – how cool is that?

Then, it’s time to hit the road again and head to our exclusive campsite near Watarrka National Park, also known as Kings Canyon. We’ll gather ’round for dinner and soak in the starry night sky. It’s gonna be a night to remember, folks!




  • Uluru Sunrise
  • Uluru Base Hike
  • Uluru Cultural Centre
  • Accommodation: Swag Camping at exclusive camp
  • Meals: BLD
  • Driving Time: About 3.5 hours

2. Watarrka (Kings Canyon)

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If you’re looking for the ultimate highlight in Watarrka National Park, look no further than Kings Canyon – it’s seriously off the charts! Picture this: a massive gorge surrounded by towering rock walls that shoot up 100’s meters high. It’s like something out of a movie!

But wait, there’s more! This place is packed with porous sandstone, deep gullies, and hidden rock pools, making it the ultimate hangout spot for over 600 species of native plants and animals. And guess what? Our guide will take you on a trek through this epic canyon, hitting up all the must-see spots like the Lost City, the Garden of Eden, Amphitheatre, and of course, the North & South Walls of the canyon. It’s going to be epic!

After we’ve refuelled with some lunch, it’s time to hit the road back to Alice Springs to say our farewells. But don’t worry, Kings Canyon will be forever etched in our memories!



  • Kings Canyon
  • Kings Canyon Rim Walk
  • Meals: BL
  • Driving Time: About 5 hours

The Spiritual Significance of Uluru

Uluru holds immense spiritual significance to the local Anangu people, who have inhabited the area for tens of thousands of years. For them, Uluru is not just a geological marvel; it’s a living cultural landscape deeply intertwined with their beliefs, stories, and way of life.

To the Anangu, Uluru is known as Tjukurpa, which encompasses their creation stories, laws, and spiritual beliefs. These stories are passed down orally from generation to generation and are integral to their cultural identity.

Uluru is believed to be the physical manifestation of ancestral beings who created the land during the Tjukurpa. The rock formations, caves, and waterholes around Uluru are not just natural features but are imbued with spiritual significance, each holding stories and teachings passed down through the ages.

Visitors to Uluru are encouraged to respect its spiritual significance by learning about its cultural significance, following designated walking paths, and refraining from climbing the rock, as it is considered disrespectful to the Anangu people. By understanding and respecting the spiritual significance of Uluru, visitors can gain a deeper appreciation for this sacred site and its importance to the Anangu people.

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