Outback Tour Details

Tour Name 8 Day Adelaide to Uluru Tour
Days 8
Group Size: Max 20
Suitable For Adventure Travellers
Departs Adelaide 5.30am Thursdays
Ends Yulara (Ayers Rock Resort)
Vehicle Bus
Accommodation Swag camping under the stars 6 nights, 1 night underground hostel
Operator Code Shared with Untamed Escapes

 Tour Pricing

Price: $1995 per person
Club Travelwild Price: $1895* per person

* Discounted rate available if you have joined any Travelwild Tour in the past. How to claim

Max Pitt
Max Pitt
The Uluṟu tour with heading bush is one of the most memorable moments I’ve ever had travelling around Australia. Sleeping under the stars each night and travelling across the beautiful, harsh terrain by day made me appreciate the country in a way I’ve never felt before. If you like hiking and want to see some of the most underrated gems the outback has to offer, I can’t recommend this tour highly enough!

Tour Inclusions

  • 8 Day Adelaide to Uluru Tour.
  • 7 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches, 5 Dinners
  • All National Park entry fees.
  • All Camping fees.
  • Small Bus
  • Professional Tour Guide
  • Pick up from Adelaide Central Bus Station or the YHA
  • All camping gear except sleeping bags

Tour Exclusions

  • Sleeping Bags. Bring your own or talk to us about buying for $50.

Adelaide to Uluru Tour Notes

  • Prices quoted are AUD – (Australian Dollars).
  • This tour begins in Adelaide and end at Yulara (Ayers Rock Resort).
  • If you want to go the other way, check out 8 Day Uluru to Adelaide Tour
  • If you need to get to Alice Springs, talk to us about booking a shuttle bus.

Adelaide to Uluru Tour Itinerary

  • Please Note: The following itinerary is to be used as a guide only, road conditions, changing weather over the seasonal period and multiple other factors require that the actual itinerary is structured for the best possible result. Our tour structure is flexible and is designed to change if required.

1. Adelaide to Flinders Ranges

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Hey guys! So, your awesome adventure starts super early at 6 am in Adelaide. Your super cool Storyteller Guide is gonna be there to say hi. First up, we’ll grab some coffee in Port Wakefield, by the sea. Then, we’re off to the Southern Flinders Ranges for a hike at Alligator Gorge in Mount Remarkable National Park. It’s gonna be so rad!

After lunch, we’ll check out Quorn real quick, famous for its awesome Pichi Richi Railway. Then, we’re heading to Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park for a hike at Arkaroo Rock, which is super important to the local Adnyamathanha people.

Later on, we’ll have this really cool Welcome to Country at Wilpena Pound Resort, where we’ll learn some of the Adnyamathanha language and hopefully get connected the local culture. Then, we’ll head to Willow Springs Station, this huge sheep station where we’ll camp out in the bush and explore more of the Flinders Ranges.

Dinner’s gonna be delish ’cause our Guide’s cooking it up for us! Then, get ready for the best show ever – stargazing! The Flinders Ranges has some of the clearest skies in the Southern Hemisphere. We’ll sleep under the stars, and it’s gonna be magical!


Alligator Gorge in the Flinders Ranges




  • Depart Adelaide
  • Aligator Gorge
  • Arkaroo Rock
  • Welcome to Country at Wipena
  • Activities: xxxx
  • Accommodation: Swag Camping at Willow Spring Station Camp.
  • Meals: LD (Grab breakfast before pick up)
  • Driving Time: About 6 hours

2. Ikara – Flinders Ranges National Park

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Did you know that the fossils found in the Flinders Ranges are super old? They’re so ancient that scientists had to change the history books and add a new era called the Ediacaran period!

After we munch on breakfast, get ready for more fun in the park! We’ll lace up our hiking boots and go on a cool morning hike. We’ll walk past big river red gums and check out waterholes. And guess what? We’ll see some awesome views of the wild scenery!

Today, we’re all about helping out the environment! After lunch, we’ll do some cool conservation work. Then, we’ll hop in the bus for a magical drive through Bunyeroo Valley and Brachina Gorge.

Once we’re done, we’ll stop at a super cool Aussie country pub for a drink! Then, it’s back to camp to chill out and eat dinner. Today’s drive is




  • Scenic Drive Brachina Gorge
  • Prairie Hotel at Parachilna
  • Activities: xxxx
  • Accommodation: Swag Camping at Willow Spring Station Camp.
  • Meals: BLD
  • Driving Time: about 3 hours

3. Flinders Ranges to William Creek via the Oodnadatta Track

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Another epic day awaits! We’re ditching the usual roads and hopping on the bus for an adventure along one of Australia’s coolest dirt roads – the Oodnadatta Track! Get ready for some seriously awesome sights like Lake Eyre, which is the biggest salt lake in Australia, and the Mutonia Sculpture Park. We’ll even pass through Anna Creek Station, a farm the same size as Belgium!

By late afternoon, we’ll roll into William Creek, a tiny town in the middle of nowhere! Seriously, there are only ten people living there! But it’s super famous in the South Australian Outback. After dinner, we can chill at the old-school William Creek Hotel, which has been around since 1887! Then, it’s time to snuggle up in our swags under the starry sky at the campground. It’s gonna be awesome!

William Creek Hotel



  • Lake Eyre
  • William Creek
  • Activities: xx
  • Accommodation: Camping at William Creek
  • Meals: BD (Grab lunch on the way from Marree)
  • Driving Time: About 7 hours

4. William Creek to Coober Pedy

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After we chow down on some breakfast, we’re heading to the world famous underground town called Coober Pedy. It’s like the opal capital of Australia, and it’s so cool because it looks like something from another planet! We’ll learn all about its history and the way people live there.

First stop is the Umoona Opal Mine & Museum, which is like the town’s main spot. We can even do this thing called ‘noodling’ or fossicking, where we look for opals! Plus, there will be a demo on how they cut opals, which sounds awesome!

Then, we’ll check out Josephine’s Gallery & Kangaroo Orphanage where they take care of orphaned kangaroos, and the gallery there is super cool – it’s all about Aboriginal art and has pieces from some of the most famous Indigenous artists in Australia!

The rest of the day is all ours to do whatever we want! We can explore around, and tonight, we get to stay in this underground bunkhouse – how cool is that? And there are heaps of underground places to eat dinner too! It’s gonna be a blast!


  • Anna Creek Station
  • Coober Pedy
  • Accommodation: Umoona Opal Mine – underground bunk, multi-share
  • Activities: Hiking approx 5km
  • Meals: B (Grab lunch and dinner in Coober Pedy)
  • Driving Time: About 4 hours

5. Coober Pedy to Watarrka (Kings Canyon)

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Today’s gonna be a big travel day. We’re heading up north, passing by some cool stuff like the Dingo Fence and this awesome Aboriginal place called The Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park. The views there are gonna be out of this world – it’s like we’re on the Moon!

Then, we’ll cross into the Northern Territory and keep going until we reach Watarrka National Park, where Kings Canyon is. It’s gonna be so epic!

By late afternoon, we’ll get to chill at our campsite at Kings Creek Station. We can just relax, take in the peaceful vibes, and if it’s warm enough, we might even go for a swim in the pool. Don’t forget your camera, hopefully we’ll catch an amazing desert sunset from the sunset viewing platform! Then, it’s dinner time at the Station restaurant, and after that, we’ll settle in for the night. It’s gonna be awesome!


  • xxx
  • xxx
  • Activities: xxxx
  • Accommodation: Swag camping at Kings Creek Station
  • Meals: B (Grab lunch on the way and dinner from camp)
  • Driving Time: About 9 hours

6. Watarrka/Kings Canyon to Uluru

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Wakey, wakey! It’s gonna be an early morning ’cause we’re off on this super cool adventure – the Kings Canyon Rim Walk! It’s gonna be like stepping into a magical fairy tale with these huge walls of rock, secret waterholes, and fern forests. Watarrka National Park is like a secret oasis right in the middle of Australia!

We’ll get to see everything from up high, like Priscilla’s Crack – remember that awesome movie, Priscilla Queen of the Desert? Yeah, that’s where it got its name from! And then there’s the Lost City, these cool sandstone domes, and the Garden of Eden with its lush greenery and a watering hole.

After lunch, we’ll take a break from walking and hop in the bus to head to our final stop – Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park! And guess what? Hopefully we’ll catch an amazing sunset over Uluru!

Then, it’s back to camp for dinner. And after we’re done eating, we’ll roll out our swags and sleep under the stars on the red Earth.


  • xx
  • xx
  • xx
  • xx
  • Activities: xx
  • Accommodation: Swag camping at Ayers Rock Resort Campground
  • Meals: BLD
  • Driving Time: About 4 hours

7. Uluru

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Today we start with a breathtaking (maybe that was a yawn?) sunrise over Uluru! The colours of the rocks change as the sun comes up – it’s like magic!

Then, we’re getting up close and personal with Uluru. This rock is huge – 348 meters tall and super, super old at 550 million years old! You can feel its power as soon as you see it! We’ll do a guided walk all around the base where we’ll see tranquil waterholes, chill under a big Sheoak tree, peek into hidden caves and learn about Uluru’s stories!

After all that walking, we’ll take a break for lunch and then head to the Cultural Centre to learn even more about Uluru and the park. We’ll hear about the Anangu culture and the environment of the park from exhibits and talks with Anangu and park rangers.

In the afternoon, get ready for something super fun – a dot painting workshop with a local Anangu artist! We’ll learn about ancient symbols and words in the local language, Pitjantjatjara. Then, we’ll make our own artwork to take home – how cool is that?

Later on, we’ll head back to camp for some free time. We can chill by the pool or check out some activities at Ayers Rock Resort, like a didgeridoo performance or a guided garden walk. Dinner tonight is gonna be tasty!

Today’s drive is only about 60km, but if you do the full Uluru base walk, you could walk up to 10km! Don’t worry though, there are shorter walks too if you don’t want to walk that much.


  • Uluru Base Walk
  • Cultural Centre
  • Anangu Art Workshop
  • Free Time
  • Activities: Walking – up to 10km
  • Accommodation: Swag camping at Ayers Rock Resort Campground
  • Meals: BLD
  • Driving Time: About 1 hour

8. Kata Tjuta to Yulara

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Last day of the tour, but it’s gonna be epic! We’re getting up super early to catch the sunrise at Kata Tjuta – an epic landscape of 36 huge red granite domes.

The domes are massive, standing 546 meters tall. And they’re not just cool to look at – they’re also super important in local Indigenous people. We’ll learn a bit about the Anangu culture and hear some of their stories as we walk through the Valley of the Winds.

The walk takes about three hours, it’s totally worth it!

After our awesome hike, we’ll head back to Yulara around late morning. If you’re flying out from Uluru Airport, no worries – there are free transfers from the resort. And if you’re heading to Alice Springs, there are buses from Yulara too.

So yeah, it’s the end of our outback adventure, but it’s been so much fun!


  • Kata Tjuta Sunrise
  • Valley of the Winds Hike
  • Activities: Hiking 6km
  • Meals: B
  • Driving Time: About 2 hours

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