Lake Eyre in South Australia is a stunning destination and needs to be on the bucket list of all Adventure Travellers.

It is a surreal landscape consisting of a huge salt pan and is hugely significant to the local indigenous people.

Visitors flock to the sight when the lake fills, which is intermittent at the best, sometimes it’s decades between filling. Whist the filling is indeed an amazing natural phenomenon, and the view of a giant lake in the desert special, nothing can beat to silence and the afternoon glow of a fading sunset reflecting of the crisp white and barren salt flat, it’s takes the less is more theory and puts it on steroids, it’s OK to feel like you are on another planet.

We visit Lake Eyre on the following tours:

  • 10 Day Adelaide Alice Springs Tour
  • 4 Day Adelaide to Coober Pedy Tour
  • Private Tours and Charters

Lake Eyre Gallery