What Is Club Travelwild?

Club Travelwild is a community of travellers who have taken part in any Travelwild Tour since we began way back in 1989.

Members of the club receive the occasional update and a discount of around 5% off any new tours they book.

You do not need to join the club, if you have ever travelled on one of our tours, you are automatically in it.

How to Claim The Discount

Simply get in touch before or after you book your new tour and we’ll apply the discount to your booking, we’ll need to know your Name and details of any previous tour you have done with us. The discount is not available on the first tour you book.

The discount is off our normal tour rate, it can not normally be applied to tours which have some other sort of discount, (on some occasions sometimes it can, so no harm in asking).

What Tours Does Travelwild Operate.

Travelwild Australia operates tours in a variety of regions under a few brands.

  • Kimberley Adventure Tours
  • Kakadu Adventure Tours
  • West Adventure Tours
  • Clare Valley Wine Tours
  • Clare Valley Walk
  • Heading Bush 4WD Adventures
  • Campwild Adventures (no longer running)

If you even travelled on any of these tours, you qualify for the discount rate.