Oodnadatta Track

The Oodnadatta Track is a historic route in the Australian Outback, located in South Australia. It follows the route of the old Ghan railway line, which was an important transportation link between Adelaide and Alice Springs. The track runs for approximately 620 kilometers (385 miles) from Marree to Marla, passing through remote and arid landscapes.


Key points of interest along the Oodnadatta Track include:

  1. Marree: The southern starting point of the track, Marree is a small town that was once a major railway and telegraph center.
  2. Lake Eyre: Australia’s largest salt lake, Lake Eyre, is located near the southern end of the Oodnadatta Track. It is often dry, but when filled with water, it becomes an important habitat for birdlife.
  3. William Creek: A tiny settlement known for its pub, which claims to be the smallest in the southern hemisphere. It’s a popular stopover for travelers.
  4. Oodnadatta: The track is named after this town, which was a significant railway and telegraph station. Today, Oodnadatta is a small community with historical remnants from its past.
  5. Alberrie Creek: A station stay where travelers can camp and experience the remote Outback environment.
  6. Strangways Springs: Another former railway siding that has a camping area for travelers.
  7. Marla: The northern end of the Oodnadatta Track, Marla is a roadhouse and an important stopping point for those continuing north or heading west to Uluru.

Traveling the Oodnadatta Track can be challenging due to its remote location and the often harsh desert conditions. It’s advisable for travelers to be well-prepared with sufficient fuel, water, and supplies. Additionally, road conditions can vary, and some sections may be impassable during certain weather conditions. It’s recommended to check local information and road conditions before embarking on the journey.

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